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Pathway can be accessed online or on your mobile device. Just search Pathway by Chick-fil-A or visit to log in to your account. You will find Pathway listed under Reports & Tools. The code to access Pathway on your phone is 1112447853. 

* All New Hires are required to complete all Pathway Training prior to your in store training. Hours spent in this training will be added to paycheck.* 

* Any current Team Member seeking a promotion or raise are required to complete all basic training to be considered. All time spent on training will be compensated.

Pathway Training Plans Required

Front of House

  • Orientation: All New Hires

  • FOH General 

  • FOH Closing

  • Drive Thru General

  • Dining Room - General 

Back of House

  • Orientation: All New Hires

  • Back of House Core Skills

  • Machines & Breading

  • BOH Boards

  • BOH Prep

Training Process

Week 1: Complete all assigned Pathway Training on your first day. Following your Pathway training,  you will complete your menu training. If time allows it, you will be able to shadow in one or more positions depending on if you are full time or part time. The remainder of the week will be focused on learning basics in all positions as you shadow. 

Week 2&3: You will be scheduled for hands-on training with a trainer at our restaurant. You will utilize all your online learning at the restaurant to learn Chick-fil-A Cedar Hill! (approx. 2 weeks) This 2 week period is used to measure your performance and determine your future at Chick-fil-A Cedar Hill. This time is not meant to be spent shadowing but rather demonstrating along side a trainer. This is the time to ask any and all questions you may have to ensure clarification. 

Week 4: This is your final week of training! Your pod leader will let you know if there is anything specific you need to focus on this week. You will have a 30-day review with the Training Director as well as complete a self-evaluation form. 

*Training Hours are separate from general labor hours. Because of this, training hours are limited and your desired hours may not be achieved. Diligence and motivation to complete your training will allow you to reach your desired hours. Performance, dependability, and availability are always the determining factors for scheduling.

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