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Catering Packages

Birthday Parties

Business Meeting

(Serves 25)

  • Large Nugget Tray w/ 2-8oz sauces

  • Large Fruit Tray w/ caramel

  • Large Chocolate Chunk Cookie Tray

  • 2 Gallons Lemonade

  • 1 Gallon Sweet Tea

  • 1.5lb Bag of Ice

​Plates, napkins, forks, and cups available upon request

(Serves 20)

  • 2 Large Chick-n-mini Trays

  • Large Fruit Tray w/caramel

  • 96oz Coffee

  • Simply Orange Juice

  • Creamer, Sugars, Honey, Jelly

Plates, napkins, forks, coffee cups and sleeves available upon request

Sports Team Meal

CFA Boxed Meal includes:

  • CFA Sandwich

  • Chips

  • Chocolate Chunk Cookie

  • CFA Sauce

  • Napkin, Mint, Handwipe​


Available in Bags for easy disposal

Request a quote

Catering Quotes are for the following groups:

  • Any business that is Tax Exempt

  • Any group that needs a Purchase Order Number (ex: schools, churches, etc.)


**PLEASE NOTE: This quote is not an order - we will need a emailed PO# or confirmation from your billing office to place this order. An emailed confirmation will be sent to inform you the order has been placed.**

If you are an individual or your business does not fit into this category, please go ahead and click "Ready to Order" below.

Please complete email us and we will email you a catering quote within 24 business hours! Please note we are on closed on Sunday!

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