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If you are seeking a donation for your organization or upcoming event, please email us.

Please note, we receive many donation requests and we do our best to accommodate everyone! Please keep the following things in mind when seeking a donation from the Chick-fil-A Cedar Hill Location. 

  • All donations must be picked up from our location inside at the front counter. Please let someone know you are there for your order and we will help you bring things to your vehicle! 

  • We love our community just as every Chick-Fil-A does! Because of this, we only donate to local organizations hosting local events. 


While food is the yummiest option, we also have the option to donate DOCs (Digital Offer Card) to your event! This way your guests can use their card at their convenience! 

We look forward to hearing from you - we will be in contact with you shortly after you submit the request form.

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